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    How We Help


    Since the advent of audio tape recorders, the tradition of recording oral histories has become an important means of collecting and conserving historic details from eyewitnesses. In the past few decades more and more individual families and organizations have begun to record their own stories, whether important to the greater historical picture or significant only to the group or family who seeks to remember. The emergence of higher definition, low light video technology has added another color to the oral historian's palette. Human expressions and gestures, along with the nuances of individual voices, are compelling and powerful memory triggers, and we now have the technical capability to preserve it all.

    We offer our creative skills, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art HD equipment to help bring personal histories alive and protect them for generations to come. 

    Non-Profit Organizations

    We welcome commissions from non-profit organizations and encourage you to contact us regarding institutional histories or projects related to your mission. We have produced inspirational and historical video projects concerning important environmental, social, and political causes, and have received grant funding for such oral history projects under the umbrella of non-profit organizations. We assist in formulating clear and reasonable budgets for such projects. 

    See our compilation of short excerpts culled from a series of longer interviews. We collected over 80 individual stories for a non-profit organization that revolves around one important goal—saving a river. Video for the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust