Capture Your Stories
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    Edited Video

    We assemble edited video projects that can include scanned still photos, memorabilia, other pertinent artifacts, and music or voice-over narration. There are a great variety of approaches available and we look forward to working with you on an individual basis to create exactly the desired result. 

    Uncut Video

    We encourage storytellers and their families to retain copies of the complete video recording. Often sessions can go on for hours and, as is human tendency, the discussions will naturally include tangents and diversions. However, we recommend that digital copies of the entire unedited session be retained for the sake of preserving a complete, unabridged historical record.

    Audio Recordings

    We provide either unedited digital audio conversations or editied, fine-tuned audio-only projects.

    The Written Word

    UNEDITED TRANSCRIPTIONS: Full written transcriptions of the entire recorded sessions are available for your historical records.

    EDITED NARRATIVES: We offer edited texts and a polished manuscript of your recorded story. For samples see and and

    BOOKS: Compiled collections of quotes and photos can round out a story project. An oral history book pulls together the wide-angled story of a related group, institution, or family. We work with self-publishing companies to create high quality, bound story books with quotes from oral history recordings accompanied by beautifully reproduced family photographs and/or stills from oral history videos.